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:: Fork Buffet Selection B

Four delicious main dishes with bread and butter,
two salads and two desserts.

Linen buffet cloths, white china, cutlery, napkins,
and printed menus provided.

MINIMUM 20 guests



Fork Buffet MENU FOUR £14.45

French Bread and Butter
Cider-baked Ham with Egg Mayonnaise, Mixed Leaves and Oranges
Roast Topside of Beef with Tomatoes and Cress
New Potato Salad with Spring Onion and Mayonnaise
Mexican Rice Salad; with beans, peppers, sweetcorn, raisins, nuts

Asparagus Flan with Cheese and Parsley
Chicken Tandoori; mildly spiced, with coriander and limes

Beaton's Trifle; with raspberries, bananas, Kirsch, cream, toasted almonds
Kiwi Fruit Cheesecake



Fork Buffet MENU FIVE £14.95

French Bread and Butter
Scotch Salmon with Norwegian Prawns and Lime Mayonnaise
Cider-baked Ham with Mixed Leaves and Apricots
Salade Nicoise; new potatoes, olives, egg quarters, tomatoes, French beans, lettuce
Mixed Slaw; red and white cabbage, apples, nuts, celery, mayonnaise

Spring Onion and Cheese Flan
Egyptian Lemon Chicken; with olive oil, thyme, garlic, parsley, yogurt

Summer Pudding with Raspberry Sauce and Double Cream
Warm Belgian Apple Pie with Cream



Fork Buffet MENU SIX £15.35

French Bread and Butter
Herb-Roasted Beef with Radishes and Spring Onions
Baked Scottish Salmon with Lime Mayonnaise and Norwegian Prawns
Waldorf Salad; iceberg lettuce, red apples, celery, walnuts, mayonnaise
German Potato Salad with Hard-boiled Eggs, Horseradish and Mustard

Quiche Creole; with tuna, peppers and sweet corn
Baked Chicken with Fresh Rosemary

Creamy Blackcurrant Cheesecake
All-Fresh Fruit Salad, Chilled Cream


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