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:: Chicken Dishes

Minimum 10 portions of each

Cost shown is for 10 portions (quarter chicken per portion)

Delivered on service dishes, garnished ready to display on service table.



10 Tandoori £55.00

yoghurt, tandoori spice
malt vinegar, lemon juice
corn oil, ground pepper/salt.
Garnish; sliced onion, coriander leaves, lime wedges


10 Egyptian £55.00
yogurt, lemon juice
flat parsley, thyme
turmeric, garlic, olive oil
ground pepper/lemon
Garnish; flat parsley leaves, lemon wedges


10 Southern fried £55.00

seasoned flour, batter; eggs, cream, soft grain mustard
white crumbs with oregano, thyme, white pepper, salt
lightly fried to a light golden colour, baked to completion


10 Mexican £55.00

lime, chopped tomatoes, honey
medium hot chopped chilli
olive oil, ground cumin, thyme, ground pepper/salt
Garnish; lime wedges, coriander leaves


10 Tikka £55.00

yogurt, turmeric, onion
ginger, garlic
chilli powder, ground coriander
Garnish; sliced onion, coriander leaves, lemon wedges


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