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:: Menu with Service One

From £27.65

(Waitress assisted buffet)

Three-course meal plus fresh ground coffee

To include table menus, linen table cloths and napkins, china plates,
silver cutlery and service staff

MINIMUM 60 guests



FIRST COURSE (served at table)

Melon, orange, kiwi fruit and mint cocktail
French bread and lightly-salted butter


MAIN COURSE (from the buffet)

Asparagus flan with cheese and parsley
Baked whole scotch salmon with Norwegian prawns and lime mayonnaise
Cider-baked ham with apricots, mixed leaves and tomatoes
Egyptian lemon chicken with olive oil, thyme, garlic, parsley, yogurt
New potatoes with mint



Waldorf - celery, apples, romaine lettuce, walnuts
Mexican Rice - wild and white rice beans, peppers, sweetcorn, raisins


DESSERT (served at table)

Warm belgian apple pie with raisins, cinnamon and double Cream
Blackcurrant and cream cheesecake


Fresh ground coffee with cream, tea, chocolate mints


Menu with Service 2 >

Cider Baked Ham
Cider Baked Ham
Mexican Rice Salad
Mexican Rice Salad
Mexican Rice Salad
Waitress-assisted Buffet
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